Thursday, January 29, 2009

boink, boink, boiked, boing

This morning also very early, actually want to beat the crowd at the temple, but then plan fail. Ahem not i wake up late ok, got relatives come to pay a visit. At least, is meaningful and not wasting time.

after that, immediately rushed to the temple to make some offering and some ritual done, plus a very sampat thingy, request for some divine words. People call kau chim. Hehehehe i take the whole container of wooden stick with number in it and i start to kocak the thing. Actually i very pai seh, so many people looking and then i duno why no stick drop out ler....aiyo dun care slant the container more then hehehe plooop one come out...woah...cepat2 i throw the two wooden thingy.... the one look like moon with one surface flat and the other surface convexed. Eh one flat one not flat, means ok is belived that this is a good one!

so went back to home n call up mom, and break the news, oh i can tell you she is so overwhelm with the news, oh at last some good news. but then i am hoping for the thing to realized! I think it will be even better! hahahaha

spend the afternoon watching DVD and AK came along to pass me some DVD to exchange. He is goin bek liao. Aduh my heart so sedih, CK sudah balik, AK oso goin back dy, i am so sad la, i miss the company... haih, sedih or not, then we all need to go back to work la.

got a call from YL that tmrw goin bek at 9am! wow wee...i think tmrw is my turn to go bek to face the music! haih, so much for the hols!

at nite after dinner YL call me and asked me bout frens series, "Eh got 11 Seasons ar?"
I duno wor, so i go google, and it says so 10 seasons altogether. Y ar??
YL say got one shop in Raintown Central have english series! wah i am so excited! but then i think i no time to raid the shop, as my spending quota meet dy! next time i think i will stand a chance kekekeke

went to relatives house at nite, not to mention, took the wrong road, pass by some relatives "house".... the graveyard! arrgh gelap gelita and seram lor! hmn meet alot of relatives at PAsam, and headed back to sleep and getting ready to be poked tmrw early morning!

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