Thursday, January 29, 2009

boink, boink, boiked, boing

This morning also very early, actually want to beat the crowd at the temple, but then plan fail. Ahem not i wake up late ok, got relatives come to pay a visit. At least, is meaningful and not wasting time.

after that, immediately rushed to the temple to make some offering and some ritual done, plus a very sampat thingy, request for some divine words. People call kau chim. Hehehehe i take the whole container of wooden stick with number in it and i start to kocak the thing. Actually i very pai seh, so many people looking and then i duno why no stick drop out ler....aiyo dun care slant the container more then hehehe plooop one come out...woah...cepat2 i throw the two wooden thingy.... the one look like moon with one surface flat and the other surface convexed. Eh one flat one not flat, means ok is belived that this is a good one!

so went back to home n call up mom, and break the news, oh i can tell you she is so overwhelm with the news, oh at last some good news. but then i am hoping for the thing to realized! I think it will be even better! hahahaha

spend the afternoon watching DVD and AK came along to pass me some DVD to exchange. He is goin bek liao. Aduh my heart so sedih, CK sudah balik, AK oso goin back dy, i am so sad la, i miss the company... haih, sedih or not, then we all need to go back to work la.

got a call from YL that tmrw goin bek at 9am! wow wee...i think tmrw is my turn to go bek to face the music! haih, so much for the hols!

at nite after dinner YL call me and asked me bout frens series, "Eh got 11 Seasons ar?"
I duno wor, so i go google, and it says so 10 seasons altogether. Y ar??
YL say got one shop in Raintown Central have english series! wah i am so excited! but then i think i no time to raid the shop, as my spending quota meet dy! next time i think i will stand a chance kekekeke

went to relatives house at nite, not to mention, took the wrong road, pass by some relatives "house".... the graveyard! arrgh gelap gelita and seram lor! hmn meet alot of relatives at PAsam, and headed back to sleep and getting ready to be poked tmrw early morning!

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

boiiking..... boink..boinking...

oh today started even earlier....woah! miracle la....

went to the temple to get some things cleared for my mom...hmn the nun there not so friendly, but then watodo? i can't read that much chinese character and i oso can't read most of them

I got a funny sms, someone ask me to wake him up....hmn, so i did that around 8.30am.... isit too early? I think is ok la for raintown

went back to house and feeling sometin not rite with my appetite..... hmn not food poisoning, i want to eat town food so much, oh the craving...

hehehehe i korek my kaki to go town...... so off we go. Happily driving to town, and don't know wat to eat... is bcoz too many things wana eat. Oh the town is really a nitemare, traffic jam! very jam, every single by pass and small lane we tried, all jam! woah! the town is alive la, amazing.

finally got a place to park car and happily made a beeline to my breakfast.....adus! tak bukak! Oh Noooooooooo...... that was the longest word for the day, hehehehe. Off we went scouting for the things wana eat, oh noooo, mostly tak bukak la. ended up spotting a table, but then kena rampas, cis! just like last time at the noodle soup restaurant! Never mind, i give u da table...since beside the table are all smokers, no thanks, i dun need those smoke. scouting for food! aih, ended up with chee cheong fun and fried oyster, nice froed oyster but then too much moisture in it.... well, can't wait to get out from that place. too many people!

after that went to exchange a DVD and ended buying more DVDs, this is something that I need to refrain from, buying DVDs to watch. Hehehehe i like la. For almost 1 hour spent on makan n DvDing, there is an urgency to go to MPT to settle some payment, not mine, is my master, i am the ahmad today huhuhuhu. so we brave through (trust me, very jam!) the streets in raintand headed to MPT. At first i jz need to stop over at the side, but then i got a call ask me to park the car as the queue is long, so i park the car at town hall. Waded through an indian wedding reception at townhall, to MPT and headed to ask for fortune at PBank. Kekeke u know something caught my eye, DAP open house, wah seh the day so hot la.... and i saw one aunty walk out from the open house with 10 sticks of ice cream....oh this can't be true, is just like magnet to me.

So, hehehe, i join the crowd...i saw lots of food, menyesal la, i should come here n eat free food. Got satay, fried noodles, kuih and where is da ice cream? puas aku cari, tak ader la.... how come that aunty get so many? i dun get any liao aunty u make sure, last election u pangkah roket or not? hahahaha..........

after that tiny mishap and first time visiting such public open house, we headed to for cendol. Oh i jz realize both of us favor the same cendol shop! geez.... out of so many people in our group, i didn't know someone actually favour the same cendol stall, oh this is call discovery neh?

went back n take a nap, and it rains..... i guess jogging plan cancelled? i think maybe la, or the world actually know i so scared to go jogging, hehehe i think i co-ordination problem..i think. well spend the evening taking nap and watching DVD at night! what a day!

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

boiinnkkking..... boiinnkkk.....

oh the day started as usual, bright sunny hot day!

was not in much excitement, but just waiting for the dinner......

as usual relatives come for visit.... oh the one that is not so warmly thought of....cold thingy like cicak i think? not they all cicak, is cold like cicak punya belly on your hand!

again the house is filled with people's Chinese saying la.... so many people come for dinner..... hmn i was kind of town-sick.... was wondering how is town like during CNY, its been something missing in me...strange la....

after dinner ask CK n AK wana go town....of its my time to become Chauffeur, its my pleasure la.... drove AK to town pusing sana sini, ended he meeting up with his schoolmate.... urm me schoolmate oso, but then tak kenal la...hehehe paiseh.

ended up yumcha at one place.....with PM, YKT, Sun, CKC and the seldom meet SMW.....he very dark and not to mention, everyone seems like owning same asset, investment.....hehehehe belly...

woah..... we all kalah dy, no big belly...hahaha PM says only few people maintained small belly.... hmn.... scary la!

oh the crowd ended with CK and AK..... we really chat till late nite....not to mention spying on AK dad few tables away...hahaha funny la...stalker! coincidence nia....not so pervert ok!

AK was mentioning wana cuti another more day due to some unavoidable circumstances... yea.. hehehehe aku tau...

Monday, January 26, 2009

1st Day of Spring, boiinnkkk.....

The nite before was filled with incense burning and firecrackers....woah! loud and clear! but the intensity was way too low from what i used to go through....the feeling of CNY is dead now! really dead!

The morning itself, drive to great grandma house...woah as i just step out from the car, i can heard some screaming! very loud! don't get me wrong, is not even lion dance, aiyo a bunch of old people with hearing impairment and yet so reluctant to use hearing aid.....what do you get? shouting to each other just to get words across....hehehe bising lo! like fighting la!

after the morning, about 20 people in the house!
headache la...... so many people! feels like festive.... and its damn hot la!
but then again..... expected it rains again! woah!! life saver!

after dinner, AK fetch me n CK out for gathering with ray, PM, PH....hehehehe somehow i am so at home with them, hmn i rarely enjoy such company, as usual i dislike crowd! then MCS came with another bunch of hmn long long never seen b4 people! woah! this is the most hapening year la....due to space constraint, we decided to change venue.... we chatted till late nite.... should reword....few of us at one corner of the group, we having our non-dry conversation....strange that we can actually talk talk and talk with endless topic that is not commong everyone, yet everyone is enjoying the conversation...pelik la hor???

Sunday, January 25, 2009

CNY eve

The day started late, I was sleeping. Wow enjoying me life to fullest! 9.30am! woke up feeling all refresh, but bit dry on my face.

went to temple to pray and make donation....such a divine hearted...konon la...
CK pick me up and went to pick up 3 bouquet of flowers....yea i heard so hokkien people must have flower when visitng the temple to pay tribute to those loved ones who have somehow departed.

Arrived at the temple, almost fainted so many people, plus one funeral...strange, I don't feel bad luck witnessing one at such day....its life, sooner or later....hmn let it be.

Was around the worship place.... looking for place to put flower, strange usually you can find a lot, but not when you needed one....aiyo walk round and round to to spot 3, 2 was successfully pinjam. Pinjam here means, take people abandon punya... i don't know will it be bad luck or not good la.....but then, for me, recycle is more practical for us who are still living on this earth. The last container is such a hard to 'pinjam'. It rains! went to make some donation and blessing.... hehehe.

watched another cartoon, hehehehe the one with chimpazee.... err beruk? urm...monyet....
arrr tak tau la..... the one with the space travel one.... huhuhuh....

patiently awaits the grand dinner, err steamboat.....

yes it rains again! wow wee!!!

after dinner, while i was on the line, ray and ec was at starbucks, asked me wana go out or not....but then i no car la..... CK went to SP dy.... hmn tired oso, so stayed home n read book. hehehe i really reading book la!

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Movie again, yea!

The morning started with journey to the town, it feels strange, that nowadays i need to travel to town! Well things change, i am now staying out of town, not like usual. I stop by hypermarket, yippie! tak ada orang sangat......senang2 i get parking! Bought some pasta for tmrw's lunch

Went to book for my blood test (cucuk lagi la) slot on friday morning. Visited the barber, to cut hair, OMG 50% raise of fee! but then is the same price in KL la..... funny thing is, KL saloon all slashing price for the festive, while off city saloon all on the raise. Well people need money for CNY and its my pleasure to contribute towards moving the raintown economic, yea noble rite?

After cutting hair, the journey continues to the bookstore! yes this year itself I need to buy lots of book, jz to claim back my income tax, well i don't wan't my hard earn money landed in someone else's pocket, you know who la....those idiotic people.

Hmm....after browsing through, I have 2 titles in mind, but very frustrating that not in stock. Guess i need to go back to the city to scout for the two titles...well one of it I actually experienced it! And i think is time for me to re-visit the book and get myself together. Ended up, purchased a member card and 3 books, trust me, I very oriental nowadays, i bought a feng shui book....hahahaha sampat, err I repeat, 1 only la..... not yet super sampat!

After the bookstore, my itchy hand suddenly spreads fast till my feet and chinese says itchy ass. Yes i went to the DVD store and bought few titles....2 cartoons movie hahahaha.

The weather is hot. Oh it looks like its going to rain too later in the evening!

well its time to go home, oops i forget that I need to deliver fish balls to my great grandmama house. hehehehe hopefully its not rotten sitting in the hot car!

back to house, so tired, and the bed seems like so tempting! but then, i think shower is a better thing to opt for..... yea, leftover hairs! kekeke sweat!

I woke up after 2 hours of nap! wow, what an achievement! i hardly sleep in the afternoon/evening, but i did it. isn't life luxurious to be able to take afternoon nap? This is not the thing that I can do when i am back to the city! and yes, it rains!

I was watching cartoon and suddenly i received an sms. A miss call notification sms. Hmn my phone operator really sucks la......out of coverage, no network detected all the while. Well the miss call was at 3.11 and the sms i received is 3.12pm..... at least that notice is efficient.

"wei, wana watch movie? with my family?"
hmn that was the words that i heard, so tempting la....i wan! but then malu oso la with people's family. think of it again, this is a festive season la, everyone should get along and together to create positive, "i wana watch, anytime oso ok wat movie oso ok" sounded desparate la.

9.30pm...yes that was the show.....i am raiding the cinema 2nd time in two days! ann says champion dah la...memang pun ....champi0n

oh oh oh, forget to mention, hehehehe got people was caught sleeping just the movie started! amazing! I didn't realized la..... hehehe people say so.

after mvie.....went for a drink with CK opposite the place we all stay... what a day, luxurious!

Friday, January 23, 2009

2009 CNY exodus

This year i went back on a cow cart....err ox cart, kekekeke
Went back with AK, at first I thought the father oso coming along but then, only both of us.

The morning started early with collecting fish balls and other stuff from my aunt. Paid RM50 for things that worth RM62.50, good bargain still. At first wanted to kidnap one tangerine from the counter but then uncle say must take two.... oh is one of those Chinese words rhyme thingy, wat two...duno wat two la

headed home and put all those fish balls into fridge and eat breakfast, head to office, yes working hor. Actually no mood oso la, but then, i have nothing to do till 2pm, so I get my ass to office. Closed one issue, and headed for lunch. After lunch wanted to grab some dried meat, but the queue was overwhelming! so decided to give up lo.

Called up AK to check wat is goin on, he say washing, polishing n waxing car. Huh? then drive on highway? har? y not go bek home only do leh? But then, i think is a good thing, take care of the car. Asked me whether can go off early, i say can go off after lunch, earlier. So yippie, bout going back early. So y not in 30 min time? or maybe 1 hour, lets make it 1.5hour la...aiyo then it will be the exact time we agree on la...not a single minute early oso, buat penat aje

headed home n grab a pack of ice for my cold box....take a shower n rush off to park my car and board my ox cart....hehehe woops, i forgot to keep the extra ice in freezer, it was on the table. haih, i am too anxious to go home. called up someone to kau tim the ice pack, err water pack, hmn..... spilled water pack? kekekeke

The journey was smooth, but then ahmad says tired wana sleep n was hinting me to drive the bull cart, hmn ok la.....if needed, i will drive lo. Kesian me ahmad oso.

By the time we reach Ladang Bikam, another one more issue arise, the tummy drumming liao, so we decided to pull by at Tapah R&R for chicken rice, but then chicken rice is not in our mind, but then what else can we eat huh? Oh maxis people distributed oranges, each one get 2 oso....hah good sign huh? AK bit off track, he got 2 fork for his lunch, hahahaha i think he really otak hibernating liao.

Then journeys continued with me trying to get mp3 transfered from me phone to AK phone. trust me, it took me around 30 mins to get the 2 phone blue toothing. Haih, same brand oso kenot kau tim. When was about to give up, hah, i managed after all, its matter of something not so clear during the handshake procedure.

We safetly reached tpg, without realizing, so fast leh it felt, maybe for me la...usually when got things to keep me busy, time flies like UFO!??!?

we went to T.C get movie ticket.... Underworld 3... hmn my first time watch movie in tpg! yippie! on the way down, bought some facial cleanser from duno wat clara..... AK say he oso got do treatment, hmn... now i am amazed, rupa-rupa nyer AK so into this? amazing, or shud say i am so left out. headed home and take bath, tidy up things and had dinner...small one la...basic dinner.

headed for movie, was thinking want to detour go see babi hutan, oh then, dun wan la...

aiyo 3 malay boys sit beside me, the one nearest to me smell like beggar. yup, exactly like someone 5 hari tak mandi, with fowl cigarette smoke smell. Haih benci betul, spend most of the time avoiding that jerk, and AK ask me, wat happen? why? haih yo, dun ask y, jz give me some space to lean to ur side la...stinky leh! hahaha by then i realized, AK oso macam pakai baju sama macam petang tadi.... hmn.... mayb the busuk-ness come from him ar?? shudn't be la.
well if someone closed to me compare someone i duno, the one i duno sure get bad remarks la. well is my instinct, can't blame on that. oh that smelly jerk has a fren next to him, with a big mouth like serombong kapal, tak habis cakap and add ajinamoto to the movie, benci betul la....i think it needs time to change kampung folks, forgiven, its CNY.